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        It was a dead end, with two more hallways branching out in opposite directions. I looked both ways, trying to figure out which way to go. They were identical – meaning they were both dark, long, and dusty.

        Everything was like that here. Dark and dusty. And cold. Yes, everything here was very cold. I wondered if I could freeze to death in a place like this. There wasn't any ice anywhere, not from what I could see. So I doubt I could freeze. But there could be some sort of damage, maybe. Or maybe I was just getting paranoid.

        I wasn't sure if I wanted to find more Foeds or not. Having scared the first one away, I felt weak and stupid – childish, almost. How could I mess that up so quickly? I had to be the biggest freak this side of the multiverse.

        Which didn't surprise me really. After all, how many people get locked inside a huge stone maze with slime creatures?

        Riddle me that.

        Cutting through my thoughts came the realization that I had to make a decision as to where to go. I didn't know. Both way were bleak and almost pointless – I only kept moving because of this urge to get out of this maze-like building. But then I corrected myself – at night? When was night here? The only source of light was my flashlight. The moment I turned that off, the world suffocated me in unbearable darkness.

        I knelt down and rummaged through my bag. Grabbing one of the coins, I decided to flip it. Heads for left, tails for right.

        The first time I flipped it, it came up with heads.

        Just for clarity, I flipped it again. Best two out of three. Heads.

        Another flip. Heads.

        Another. Heads.





        I slipped the coin back in my bag, picking up my flashlight and gun, and turned down the left hallway.

        Obviously, some force wanted me to go that way. What was the use of fighting it?

        I kept shining the flashlight on the walls, the ground, the ceiling, the space ahead of me. The walls, the ground, the ceiling, the space ahead of me. The walls, the ground, the ceiling, the space ahead of me. The walls were boring and gray, nothing to look at – no secret passages or anything. The ground was always there. The ceiling was just crumbling stone. When I shone the light ahead of me, it just eventually faded off into the distance.

        I wondered how long this hallway went. Feet? Yards? Miles?

        I could go days, just walking along this same hallway. Maybe that wasn't so bad.

        After all, there appeared to be no Foeds anywhere here.

        Safe enough, for now.

        After what seemed like hours of walking, I was dragging my feet, and my eyes refused to stay open. I needed to sleep.

        But what of the Foeds? What if one attacked while I slept?

        I supposed that, in that sense, my life was in the hands of the watchful being, and I had to hope that if I was found by such a monster, I would conveniently wake up.

        I laid down next to the wall, put my hands under my cheek, and fell asleep.

        When I woke up, and turned on my flashlight immediately and shone it all around.

        No sign of any Foeds. But there was another note nearby. I grabbed it.

        Good job. Keep up the good work.

        I wasn't sure how to respond, so I put it in my bag and stood up.

        I wondered vaguely if this is what a god is supposed to act like. Closely interacting with its subjects… or, subject, in this case. Caring for them. Praising them. But at the same time, keeping them walking around in a maze for as long as it takes them to make it out – or die. Whichever comes first.

        It seemed I was further along in the hallways than I had thought – that, or I was somehow moved. Either way, I found myself in a dimly lit room, a bit smaller than the first room I was in. I shone the light around, and found a few blankets in the corner. I realized that I was cold, and hungry, so I went over to the blankets, wrapping it around myself. I looked through my bag and found a few berries.

        As I swallowed the somewhat bruised fruit, I heard a wet noise coming from the next hallway. I silently rose to my feet, grabbing my gun.

        This was my chance to redeem myself.

        Just like I thought, there was a Foed coming my way. It was more solid than the carcass I had found the previous day, and I wondered if the species melted once deceased… I supposed I would have more time to wonder about how they work later on, however, and I focused on the Foed ahead of me.

        It had no definite overall shape. Its material just seemed to constantly morph – it would lie smooth, then bulge and swell, and run around as if there was some creature underneath the slimy surface. Over and over in an endless, repulsive cycle. The slime was a dull, sickly gray in color, the skin underneath a darker shade of the same hue. It had a bulbous head, which was the only part of it that seemed stable. It had no eyes and no nose, and the only form of a mouth it had was a dark hole in the middle of what I assumed was its face. And then the purple blood, beneath the dark gray skin, pumping to the organ which probably had as much shape as the rest of its body. Its head was about as high as my waist, and it must have been six feet long.

        I gulped, suddenly fearing the creature. It could easily kill me.

        With shaking fingers, I pointed the gun and shot.

        Opening my eyes, I saw that I only hit it a little below its head. It just seemed to be angrier, instead of injured. It advanced closer, closer. My hands were shaking, and I fumbled with the gun to shoot again, but eventually I succeeded.

        Right in the "neck."

        That would kill a person. But it didn't kill this monster. It kept sliding closer. I kept shooting randomly, but I kept missing and the loud noises just disturbed it further.

        And then the sudden pain of sharp teeth sinking into my thigh.

        I was nearly blinded by fear, and I tried to fight it. It wouldn't die. It just kept biting and chewing and taking chunks out and the noises were rather horrifying.

        Eventually, I just blacked out.

        I woke up in the same room, a bit hazy and weak. There was a bandage wrapped around my leg, and it ached to stretch it out. There was fresh fruit in front of me, and a note. Seeing the food made my stomach growl, so I nibbled on the fruit while reading the note.

        Do better next time, idiot.

        The tone of the note, the command, the name. It hurt. I vowed to do better next time, to show this being that I was worthy of its time.

        Although, somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I wondered why I cared so much, and why I thought this being was so important.
Second chapter's up! :D

Once again, gotta give credit to Tribbins, my beloved editor.

Chapter one's right here: [link] For all you sillies who got here instead of the first chapter!

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