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     I needed to collect my thoughts. It was only the only way to keep sane in this place, I figured. I got comfortable, sitting down and putting my leg in a position where it didn't hurt.

     First thing to sort out: My location. It was impossible at this point to pinpoint where I was in the world, but maybe knowing where I was in the labyrinth would help. I would be able to, at the very least, find safe havens within this place. Maybe see if the Foeds had a nest anywhere – and make sure to avoid that place at all costs. If I couldn't beat one Foed, imagine the rest of them… Squirming, writhing, biting, eating, snarling…

     The thought was enough to make one shiver.

     As for my location, I let the topic slide. For now, it didn't matter. Just as long as I got stronger, and stayed away from wherever the Foeds were coming from, I was safe.

     Next thing to address: The mysterious being. The chances of it being a human were extremely slim – humans had power, evil, unimaginably disgusting and overruling power, but not enough to do something this… Drastic? Insane? Unearthly?

     A human could not find such a vantage point, enough to watch someone through an entire maze. And even if they could, how could they reply to my thoughts? I hadn't spoken, as far as I knew. A human cannot read thoughts, cannot give notes at the drop of a dime, cannot possibly be there at every second of every minute of every hour. I decided – it was not a human. But, if it was not a human, what was it? I supposed that a person with loosely set definitions and observations could call this being my new deity, a being whom I was never to anger. Could this be true? As far as I was concerned, it might have been. This being, this god, was the only intelligent contact I had. I may as well please it with halfhearted worship.

     After all, it healed me after what I thought was the end of me. The Foed easily could have killed me. But instead, the god pulled it off, pushed it away, and moved me to a safer place. It was kind for the moment – an ally.

     Although, it had gotten mad at me when I failed to defeat the Foed. To keep it as an ally, I had to keep it happy. The only way to do that was prove myself – kill a Foed. Preferably leaving the skirmish unharmed, though, based on my first experience with the Foeds, I would most likely be hurt. As long as I won the fight though, a few bruises here and there were not problematic.

     Trying to bring to mind something else to sort out, I realized that I didn't have much to think about in here. Unlike before, in the labyrinth I was just a pawn, and pawn's minds and jobs were so simplistic there was no thought involved.


     What was "before?"

     I tried to sort through memories, but nothing came to mind. I could only remember what had already happened in the labyrinth.

     Give up, I thought to myself. There's no point in the past if this was the future.
Third chapter.

Sorry this took so long, I kept forgetting to give this to my editor.

And then he got a new computer.

And he just skimmed this for typos and shit, not if it was any good.

So if it sucks, sorry.
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